Gavel and immigration papers

There are over 40 million immigrants in the United States. With this group making up such a large portion of the population, immigration law is becoming increasingly important. This need becomes even more clear when you consider that over 80 percent of deportees from the U.S. did not receive a hearing before a judge. At Jordan Law Firm, we believe that immigration rights are a vital part of the law. Our mission is to help those who have no other voice so that they may receive the rights and privileges to which they’re entitled.

The most important thing to realize about immigration rights is that every person, regardless of their immigration status, is entitled to equal protection and due process while they are in the United States. These are protections provided by our Constitution.

Our law firm specializes in immigration rights cases in South Carolina. We represent clients who have been unlawfully detained or who have suffered abuses by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or the Border Patrol. If you or someone you know is facing deportation, we’ll make sure that your rights are preserved and that you have the opportunity to tell your story. We also represent temporary workers, guest workers, and domestic workers whose rights have been violated.

The circumstances of your individual case deserve to be heard in court. In many cases, these facts can make all the difference. That’s why our lawyers want to help you.

Find out more about our immigration rights practice by contacting attorneys D. Bradley Jordan and Chan M. Ahn.