Two frustrated doctors speaking to each otherYou put your faith in physicians and hospitals whenever you’re under their care. After all, they literally have your life in their hands. That’s why it’s so devastating when something goes wrong. At Jordan Law Firm, our attorneys have built one of the strongest medical malpractice firms in South Carolina. Our experience and connections within the medical community mean that we get results.

You’ll occasionally hear stories on the news about medical errors and how patients suffered as a result. However, it’s believed that many medical errors are not reported. A 2013 study in the Journal of Patient Safety estimated that potentially hundreds of thousands of patients die from preventable harm each year. This is a stunning figure, and it reminds our lawyers of what we’re fighting for when we take on your case.

Medical malpractice may occur as a result of many different types of incidents at hospitals, surgical centers, physicians’ offices, and VA hospitals. These begin with the diagnosis. Perhaps a condition was not diagnosed or was diagnosed too late. It can also result from a misdiagnosis. Once in the hospital, procedures could have been performed incorrectly or by someone without the appropriate credentials. A patient could develop an infection from bacteria in the hospital or facility. There could also be a lack of informed consent by the patient. All of these circumstances are serious and can lead to severe injury or death.

Our attorneys are ready to hear your story and help in any way possible. We believe you and your family are entitled to both justice and compensation in your medical malpractice case. Our primary concern is for you and your health, both physical and emotional, and we consider you the cornerstone of our practice.

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