Injured construction worker.In South Carolina, an employee may receive compensation for personal injury or death by an accident arising out of, and in the course of, his or her employment. Where a claim is successfully filed, workers’ compensation can cover necessary medical treatment, loss of wages during a period of disability, and compensation for permanent disability or disfigurement. However, the injured employee must prove his or her injuries to all the parties and authorities involved throughout the claims process.

An employee may file an application for a hearing before a workers’ compensation commissioner if the employer does not report the accident, if the employer denies that the injury was sustained in the course and scope of employment, or if the employee believes that he or she did not receive all of the available benefits. The decision of the hearing commissioner may be appealed to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission for review. A panel of either three or six commissioners, excluding the original hearing commissioner, will consider the appeal. Furthermore, the decision of the appellate panel may be appealed to the State Appellate Courts.

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If you are suffering from a job-related accident, occupational disease, repetitive motion disorders (RMDs), or repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), you should probably invest some time to review your situation with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

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