Personal Injury Claims & Automotive Recalls

The vehicles we drive are made up of thousands of parts. To get those parts, automotive manufacturers trust many different suppliers. The more components and the more companies involved, the greater the chance for defects to occur. Whether it occurs in production or on the assembly line, defects can cause dangerous situations for drivers. That’s why automotive recalls have been in the news so much in recent years. That’s also why personal injury attorneys are standing by to help if you’ve been hurt due to an auto manufacturer’s negligence.

You’ve probably heard about the almost 70 million airbags that have been recalled over the last couple of years. Other automotive components that have been recalled in the past include defective seat belts, tires, fuel systems, and transmissions.

Personal injury cases involving defective products require specialized knowledge in order to get the best result for those who’ve been hurt. Since so many companies could potentially be involved, the process can be complicated. You’ll need an attorney who understands the complexities, knows what needs to be researched, and can work with experts to build a strong case. The lawyers of Jordan Law Firm are experienced in this area of practice and know how to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us at our Rock Hill and Columbia, SC offices to discuss your case.